Lodi Rules & Sustainable Winegrowing

KG values our participation in the Lodi Rules Program, California’s Original Sustainable Winegrowing Program for many reasons:

Economic Wineries reward certified fruit with monetary bonuses. This money offsets the costs of participation. Also certification can open doors for like minded wineries looking for certified fruit.

Sense of Community We connect with other growers that identify with the commitment to sustainability and longevity. These connections are important. They are a “source of pride” and build a sense of community working towards common goals and producing a quality product.

Monitoring  Monitoring the vineyards for benficials, pests and deficiencies brings “mindfulness” to operations while identifying successes, problems or breakdowns. Keeping these records and documentation is valuable from year to year.

Innovation Be proud to be a part of the modern innovative farming spirit.  Ask questions on how we can constantly raise the bar? Yet be more efficient? And be open to change?

Teamwork At KG Vineyard Management, we focus great attention and effort to our human resource management.  One key to our business’ success is our workforce. KG values our employees. We train our employees monthly to improve communication, identify safety standards and improvements and implement workplace efficiency.  We acknowledge our workforce as a major factor in the sustainability in our business.

Quality Participation and “mindfulness” of so many aspects of the operation aids in delivering quality.

Sustainability Commit to an investment for your future or future generations by preserving valuable water, soil, air and human resources.  Sustainability, by definition, supports a long-term ecological and economic balance.


KG believes in farming sustainably and in being good stewards of our greatest resource, our farming operation, which includes the land, people and surrounding community.


We define sustainability as: Maintaining and contributing to the legacy of healthy soil, air, water, human resources of our farming operation in the local community.


We farm sustainably to ensure a vibrant, healthy farming livelihood for today, for our future and for our family’s generations to come.


We believe sustainable farming is the right thing to do.


Sustainable farming is a way of life.


Farming sustainable winegrapes in Lodi makes us proud to be involved in agriculture.

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